8th ISIEM 2015 – Malang, Indonesia

/8th ISIEM 2015 – Malang, Indonesia
8th ISIEM 2015 – Malang, Indonesia 2022-07-27T17:54:16+07:00

8th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management, Malang – Indonesia.

The 8 th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management (ISIEM) will be conducted and hosted jointly by Department of Industrial Engineering from 8 universities, and supported by Indonesian Association of Industrial Engineering Higher Education (BKSTI) and Indonesian Industrial Engineering & Management Association (ISTMI). All participants are Al Azhar Indonesia University , Trisakti University , Atma Jaya Jakarta Catholic University, Esa Unggul University, Pasundan University, Tarumanagara University, Telkom University, and Muhammadiyah Malang University.
The main theme of this seminar is “Technopreneurship as the Spirit of Innovation-based Industrial Development Toward Global Competitiveness ”. Under this theme, we will explore sustainable innovation in industrial technology, information, and management concerning global issues. We also discuss approaches to collect, manage, and use any information efficiently and effectively, thus the results will be able to upgrade industrial competitiveness and value in facing the global challenges in industrial environment.

The Participants

8th ISIEM Proceeding Cover

DSS-Decision Support System and Artificial Intelligence

No Title Author
1 Application Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): a case study of e-waste management in Surabaya, Indonesia Dino Rimantho, Bambang Cahyadi, Denny Dermawan

2 The Design Of Knowledge Management System In PT Asmin Bara
Dadan Umar Daihani, Riana Elisabeth Swastika

3 Planning Route Distribution of IKM DM Using The Methods Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) And Shortest-Route Algorithm Nunung Nurhasanah, Syarif Hidayat, Devi Utami Agustini, Ajeng Putri Listianingsih, Faikar Zakky Haidar, Nida’ul Hasanati

4 Decision Support System for Potential Sales Area of Product Marketing using Classification and Clustering Methods Evasaria M. Sipayung, Cut Fiarni, Randy Tanudjaya

5 Design of Knowledge Acquisition Model in Glaucoma Medical Treatments Recommender System Cut Fiarni

6 Knowledge Management Achieving Strategy Business Alignment in Higher Educatioan Riya Widayanti

7 Development of Expert System-Based Computer Aided Process Planning for Production Cost Estimation Muhammad Ridwan Andi Purnomo

8 Management Information System for Printing Machine Assignment Process with Tabu Search Algorithm Evasaria M. Sipayung, Arief Samuel Gunawan, Teofilus

9 Assessing Knowledge Management Systems’ Success Based on Technical and Social Factors Amalia Yuli Astuti, Kadarsah Suryadi

10 ICT Ecosystem in Open Government Data Initiative in Indonesia Meldi Rendra

11 Analysis of Web-Based Integrated Information System on Production Planning and Control for Small And Medium Scale Garment Industry Nida’ul Hasanati, Dody Haryadi, Nunung Nurhasanah, Syarif Hidayat, Ajeng Listianingsih, Faikar Zakky Haidar, Devi Utami Agustin

12 Knowledge Management Enablers for the Assessment of KMS Readiness Implementation Gilang Ramadhan, Luciana Andrawina

13 3D Solar System Visualization With OpenGL Feby Fitria, Riri Safitri

14 Identification of Knowledge Management System for Quality Improvement of Natural Fiber Craft Industry Nofi Erni, Iphov Kumala S., Riya Widayanti


No Title Author
1 The Influence of Font Type, Font Size, Line Spacing and Text Background Colour on Visual Search of Web Pages  Yanto, Chih-Wei Lu
2 Elementary School Student’s Anthropometry for The Purpose of School Furniture Yanto, Chih-Wei Lu
3 User-Designer Interaction in Culture-Based Products : A Review Literature Ratih Setyaningrum, Andi Rahadiyan Wijaya, Subagyo
4 Warning Display Design for the Transjakarta Bus Cockpit to Minimize the Driver’s Error Behavior Dian Mardi Safitri, Astari Malinda, Nora Azmi, Pudji Astuti
5 Design Tool for Transfering Patient to Improve Nurses Working Posture with Ergonomic Approach Muhammad Iqbal, Eva Zaliha S, Amanda Puspita P, I Gede Wisuda
6 Product Design of Chili Cutter Muhammad Iqbal, Hilman Syahir, Yogi Purnama Putra, Dian Ayu Aprianti, Fiky Ryan Darmawan, Diki Elfan Reksawana
7 The Analysis of Health and Safety Aspects by Using Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) Method Dian Palupi Restuputri, Mochammad Fakhri
8 Development Study of SWAT Software (Subjective Workload Assessment Technique) To The Operating System Windows-Based 64-Bit (Case study at Ergonomic Labs Industrial Engineering Bandung Pasundan University) Erwin Maulana Pribadi, Agung Kurniawan
9 Framework Development And Measurement of Operator Workload Using Modified Cooper Harper Scale Method (Case Study in PT Sinar Terang Logamjaya Bandung West Java) Rizki Wahyuniardi, M. Yani Syafei, Wahyukaton
10 Analysis of Noise Level and Its Effects on Workers in A Cement Plant Syamsul Anwar, Musliyardi Ilham
11 Development of Cost-Benefit Calculation Model in Handling Low Back Pain from The Ergonomic Perspective Istianah Muslim, Sri Gunani Partiwi
12 Sprinkler System Evaluation to Meet Fire Protection Facility at The
Main Laboratory at PT. Pupuk Kujang Cikampek
Moh. Syarwani, Wahyukaton
13 Habitual Effects in Elevator Wulan Meiniar, Fitrah Azizah, Rifqi Muhammad, Korry Azrina, Dessy Indah Savitri
14 Inovative Design of Wheelchair by Using User Centered Design Approach Hartomo Soewardi, Bagus Tri Ajie, R. Abdul Jalal
15 Design of Kansei Laundry Bag by Using Fiber of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) Hartomo Soewardi, Amarria Dila Sari, Ginanjar Maulana Anom
16 Design of Satchel Bag from The Fibers of Pineapple Leaves by Using Kansei Engineering Method Hartomo Soewardi, Riska Aminatun Zahroh, Hudaya
17 Prototype of Book Preview Using Augmented Reality on Android Smartphones Riri Safitri, Aldi Oktavianto, Fahrul Rozi
18 The Ergonomic Design Of A Mini Hotel For Indonesian Travelers Lamto Widodo, Nashir Setiawan, Kevin Leo Winata
19 Analysis of Human Error Probability Using Human Error Assessment &
Reduction Technique (HEART) in Dyeing Department PT. XYZ
Fildzah Amimah Abbas and Budi Aribowo
20 Development of Anthropometry Gauge Vivi Triyanti, Catherine Hadiwiyono
21 Wall Mounted Storage For Home Appliance Design Indra Gunara Rochyat, Geggy Gamal Surya

IM-Industrial Management

No Title Author
1 Business Process Improvement Using Quality Function Deployment Feliks Prasepta S. Surbakti,Rinakso Pramart
2 Design and Making of Television Advertisement of PD. BPR Bank Jogja With Visual Effect  Mei Parwanto Kurniawan, Agus Purwanto, Hafidh Rezha Maulana
3 The Algorithm for Negotiating Prices in A Palm Oil Supply Chain Syarif Hidayat
4 Design of It Governance Model in XYZ College Rizqi Sukma Kharisma, Anggit Dwi Hartanto
5 Ebola Virus Disease Prevention – A Problem Solving Strategy Based On Sars Case Study From Taiwan Simon Wu
6 Frugal Innovation Characteristics: Market, Product and Business Perspective Teddy Sjafrizal
7 Labwork Management Information System Satisfaction Measurement in Industrial Engineering Study Program Telkom University Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto, Amelia Kurniawati, Muhammad Iqbal
8 Designing A Multidimensional Data Warehouse for Procurement Processes Analysis Using Business Dimensional Lifecycle Method (Case Study on PT. ABC) Ari Yanuar Ridwan
9 Brand Equity as A Higher Standard of Living and Wealth in
Development Country: The Strategic Role of Integrative Model on Consumer-Based Brand Equity to Reduce Indonesian Poverty
Maria Mia Kristanti
10 Customers Clustering Based on RFM Score Using Genetic Algorithm Muhammad Ridwan Andi Purnomo, Nur Riana Fajarwati
11 Proposed Business Process Using Business Process Improvement at Emergency Departement of Dustira Hospital Fadhila Rachmawati, Sri Widaningrum, Mira Rahayu
12 Business Model Generation and Lean Startup Method as The Basis for Business Development Feasibility Study, Case Study of Po. Gajah Mungkur Sejahtera Wisnu Sakti Dewobroto, Julisa Siagian
13 Design of Performance Measurement System in Engineering
Department Based on Maintenance Scorecard Framework and Omax Model: A Case Study of Global Sanitary Ware Company
Wilson Kosasih, Silvi Ariyanti, Nathan Sukamto
14 System Dynamic for Acceleration Modeling Policy in Disadvantage Areas Development Fajar Kurniawan, Iphov Kumala Sriwana
15 Review Of Current Recruitment Process (Case Study : PT. X) Mellisa Taswin, Marsellinus Bachtiar, Vivi Triyanti
16 Designing Business Process to Support Balanced Scorecard-Based Performance Measurement (Case Study: Faculty of Engineering, Atma Jaya Catholic University Of Indonesia) Vivi Triyanti, Nixon William Kumala
17 Study of Ability to Pay and Willingness to Pay for Passanger of
Commuter Line Jakarta-Bogor
Pudji Astuti, Vania Tertia
18 Analysis of Organizational Performance with 360 Degree Feedback Method (Case Study: Department of Industrial Engineering University Of XYZ) Ahmad Chirzun, Zahra Fitria

PS-Production System

No Title Author
1 Factory Plastic Bag Layout Design In Elite Recycling Indonesia
Lina Gozali, Iveline Anne Marie, Prisca Andriani
2 Comparing Alternative Plant Layouts Based On CRAFT and Blocplan Algorithms Leonardo, Hotma Antoni Hutahaean, Hui-Ming Wee
3 Store Layout For Virtual Retailing: A Literature Review Ilyas Masudin, Mukhlish Fuadi
4 Optimization of Preventive Maintenance Program and Total Site Crew for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Using Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) Method Rd. Rohmat Saedudin, Judi Alhilman, Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji
5 The Production Planning for Profit Maximization (A Case Study At A Cocoa Processing Industry) Syamsul Anwar, Yunizurwan, Jasril
6 Framework for E-Learning Content Development On Facility Planning Subject Muhammad Iqbal, Devi Pratami, Ika Arum Puspita
7 Group Replacement Model for Scheduling of Tools Replacement
Considering Quality Cost, Preventive And Failure Replacement Cost
Dadang Arifin, Rinto Yusriski, Dwi Putri Ramasari
8 EMS-SCADA Design of AC Usage on A Building Haris Rachmat, Rino Andias Anugraha, Tatang Mulyana
9 Improvement of Kanban System Using Constant Quantity Withdrawal System to Fulfill Buffer Stock Replenishment on Single Aisle Project at PT. XX Hadi Muqti, Pratya Poeri Suryadhini, Widia Juliani, Dida Diah Damayanti
10 Safety Stock Determination Based on Disturbance Control Model at PT DEE Iveline Anne Marie, Fahmi M. Prasetyo, Nora Azmi
11 Implementation Of Queing Theory And Heuristic Method For
Shceduling System of XYZ Auto Service Center
Cut Fiarni, Sonna Kristina, Julia Rintjap
12 Electricity Planning Through Renewable Energy Utilization in North Kalimantan Yudha Prasetyawan, Suparno, Imam Baihaqi
13 Production Target Achievement Model Development Using Binary
Logistic Regression Method in PT. Hansae Karawang Indonesia
Ade Momon S., Ikbal Wijaya
14 Cost Based Elevator Scheduling in University of Al Azhar Indonesia Niken Parwati, Clamaya Arin Nurpraja, Firza Ibrahim Kartohadiprodjo, Ainun Jariyah, Dimas Ayu Mardhika
15 Spinning Machine Maintenance Scheduling And Cost Planning Unit Using Markov Chains Method at Argo Pantes Puspa Puspitasari, Ahmad Juang Pratama
16 Lean Manufacturing Approach with Particle Swarm Optimization-Line Balancing Rahmi Maulidya, Parwadi Moengin, Nisa Andama

QM-Quality Engineering and Management

No Title Author
1 Quality Analysis Using FMEA Method on Assembly Processes of
Washing Machine (Case Study In Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia)
Rifa Arifati, Ardika Rismayana
2 Designing The Attributes of Food Products Using Quality Function
Deployment (QFD) Phase II
Muhamad Bazarado, Yurida Ekawati
3 Development of Creative Coloring Technique in Electroplating Paryana Puspaputra, Kamariah
4 Chrome Recycling Process of Tannery Leather Industry Waste Using Limes Rosad Ma’ali El Hadi, Rino Andias A., Haris Rachmat
5 Implementation of Poka Yoke on Administration of The Palm Oil Mill M. Hudori
6 Quality Engineering of Crude Palm Oil (CPO): Using Multiple Linear Regression to Estimate Free Fatty Acid M. Hudori, Muhammad
7 Implementation Failure Mode And Effect Analysis (FMEA) Method and Knowledge Map (Case Study PT. GSB) Rina Fitriana, Dorina Hetharia, Vella Denisha
8 Reliability Analysis of Blood Leakage Detection System Pratondo Busono
9 Analysis To Determine The Suitable Coating Materials For
Environmental Friendly Composites From Oil Palm Empty Bunch Fibers
Dorina Hetharia, Andy Cahyaputra Arya, Indra Surjati, Rully Ario Dewanto Soeriaatmaja, Doni Putra Almi
10 Content Analysis Silica (SiO2) in Process Water Determeralisation with 4M Method Sukanta, Hendra Janaka, Rian Arie Permana
11 The Holistic Model of New Product Development Process Ronald Sukwadi
12 Designing Quality Assurance System for Raw Material Acceptance Process in Batik Industries Using Business Process Improvement Method Dida Diah Damayanti, Luciana Andrawina, Sri Widaningrum, Handarujati

SCM-Supply Chain Management

No Title Author
1 Supplier Selection with The Integration of DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial And Evaluation Laboratory) and AHP (Analytic Hierarchy Process): A Literature Review Wahyu Eko Setiawan, Ilyas Masudin, Fien Zulfikarijah
2 The Application of Green Supply Chain Management in Electronic
Industry Indonesian: A Literature Review
Akhmad Jakfar, Fien Zulfikarijah, Ilyas Masudin
3 The Role of Manufacturing Supply Chain Analysis in Meeting Customer Needs Of Batik Shirt Sutarman, Refa Septiyanto
4 The Drivers of Choosing Third-Party Logistic (3PL) Providers: A
Framework Model Using Structural Equation Modeling
Ilyas Masudin, Suci Dewi Ayurarasati, Dana Marsetya Utama
5 Supply Chain Model Design For “Wedang Uwuh” Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Case Study on Progress Jogja SME) Vembri Noor Helia, Dwi Handayani
6 Determination of Supplier Selection Criteria Using Analytical Hierarchy Process in The Food Company Winarno, Hendra Janaka, Suryani
7 The Study of Third Party Logistic Usage in East Java Annisa Kesy Garside
8 Design of Cold Chain Third-Party Logistics (3PL) for Halal Food in Indonesia Tiena Gustina Amran
9 Route and Transportation Costs Analysis Considering The City
Logistics System for Single Depot Problem (Case Study: Jababeka
Industrial Area Companies)
Yogi Yogaswara
10 Analysis of Information Sharing Impact in Two Level Supply Chain With Multiple Retailers (Case Study in Two Manufacturing Companies, PT XY And PT YZ) Nurul Chairany, Imam Baihaqi, Noerhayati Amirullah
11 Risk Identification of Cacao Agroindustry Supply Chain Iphov Kumala Sriwana, Yandra Arkeman, Dahrul Syah, Marimin
12 Lean and Green Approach in Devising Optimization Program to
Determine Distribution Routes by Using Tabu Search Method
Christine Natalia, Andre Sugioko, Clara Anne