13th ISIEM 2021

International Seminar

Bandung - Indonesia

The 13th ISIEM 2021 - New Challenges in New Era

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The 13th ISIEM 2021 – Bandung – Indonesia

13th International Seminar on Industrial and Management (13th ISIEM) 
Bandung – West Java – Indonesia, 28 July 2021

The 13th ISIEM is conducted virtually due to the Covid19 issue during the schedule.

Our Keynote Speakers at the latest virtual event in Bandung – Indonesia


Professor and Chair, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University – Taiwan.


Professor and Chair, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Yuan Ze University – Taiwan.


President Director & CEO at ISS Indonesia,  Independent Commissioner at PT Indosat Tbk, and Independent Commissioner at Garuda Indonesia


Researcher, Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University – Thailand.


13th ISIEM 2021

13th International Seminar on Industrial and Management (13th ISIEM) 
Bandung – West Java – Indonesia, 28 July 2021

Theme: “Production and Service System in the New Normal Era

This seminar was conducted and hosted jointly by the Department of Industrial Engineering from 8 universities. namely: Universitas Pasundan, Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, Universitas Trisakti, Universitas Catholic Atma Jaya Indonesia, Universitas Tarumanagara, Universitas Esa Unggul, Universitas Pancasila, and Universitas Mercubuana.

Moreover, ISIEM is supported by the Indonesian Association of Industrial Engineering Higher Education (BKSTI), and the Institution of Engineer Indonesia – Industrial Engineering Chapter (BKTI-PII).

Following the success of the 12th ISIEM that papers were published on proceedings indexing by Scopus, in this 13th ISIEM, All Accepted and qualified papers will be submitted to proceedings indexing by Scopus and national journal indexing by Sinta 2 and 3, after the parallel session is completed. For those who fail to make an oral presentation, then their paper will not be submitted to Scopus Indexed Publisher.

The topics of the seminar will include but not limited to the following interdisciplinary:
1. Quality Engineering & Management (QM)
2. Decision Analysis and Information System (DAIS)
3. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
4. Industrial System (IS)
5. Ergonomics & Product Design (ER&PD)
6. Production System (PS)
7. Operation Research (OR)
8. Industrial Engineering Computation and Simulation

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Full-Online Conference

Hosted from Bandung – Indonesia

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The Opening Ceremony of 13th ISIEM 2021

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