11th ISIEM 2018 – Makassar, Indonesia

/11th ISIEM 2018 – Makassar, Indonesia
11th ISIEM 2018 – Makassar, Indonesia 2022-07-27T17:46:29+07:00

11th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management,
Makassar – Indonesia.

The 11th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management (ISIEM) conducted and hosted jointly by Department of Industrial Engineering from 7 universities, and supported by Indonesian Association of Industrial Engineering Higher Education (BKSTI) and Indonesian Industrial Engineering & Management Association (ISTMI). All participants are Al Azhar Indonesia University, Trisakti University, Atma Jaya Jakarta Catholic University, Esa Unggul University, Pasundan University, Tarumanagara University, and Pancasila University.
The main theme for this event is “Technology and Innovation Challenges Towards Industry 4.0 Era. Under this theme, we explore sustainable innovation in industrial technology, information, and management concerning global issues. We also discuss approaches to collect, manage, and use any information efficiently and effectively, thus the results will be able to upgrade industrial competitiveness and value in facing the global challenges in the industrial environment.
Conference proceedings published by IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (ISSN: 1757-899X).
11th ISIEM Proceeding Cover

IM – Industrial Management

No Title Author
1 Feasibility Analysis on the Development of Steel Sheet Zinc Plated and Galvalum Production Factory PT. S Steel A Z Rahardja, E Chumaidiyah and W Tripiawan
2 Designing Self-Assessment Tool for Library Performance Measurement Adopting Malcolm Baldrige Framework (Case Study: Central Library of Andalas University) N T Putri, D Jumeno, Henmaidi, E Wirdianto, P Fithri and F Zulkhaira
3 Measurement of Human Resources Performance and Making Proposed Improvement with Human Resources Scorecard Approach and OMAX (objective matrix) tools in Production Division in PT. OCM Lilyana, Ahmad, Lamto Widodo and Jesen Hardi
4 The Role of Perceived Leader and Organizational Control Effectively to Diminish Cyber Incivility and Workplace Deviance at Work Kirana R Ririh, Bambang Cahyadi, Nur Yulianti Hidayah, Anggina S Sundari, and Deshinta R Ningtyas
5 Factors Driving Teacher’s Innovation: A Case Study at Public High Schools in Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia Linda Theresia, Abdul Haris Lahuddin and Ramon Bangun
6 Estimating The Cost of Unreliability in Tea Plantation Factory for Sustainable Production Judi Alhilman and  Aji Pamos
7 Determining Production Cost of Goyor Woven Fabric Using Full Costing Method to Set The Selling Price: A Case Study Pungki Mita, Eko Liquiddanu, Wayan Suletra, Muhammad Hisjam and Nanang Rizali
8 Superior Agriculture Business Sector Development for Multi-Region Mokhammad Suef, Hari Supriyanto, Yudha Prasetyawan and Intan Oktasari Kusuma Wardani
9 Strategy for Developing Micro Small Medium Enterprise Clusters Using Business Model Canvas and Manufacturing System Design Yudha Prasetyawan, Imam Baihaqi, Bustanul Arifin Noer, Harimuti, Adly Nindyanto and Fitriana Kartikasari
10 Analysis of Influence of The PPK Programs on Tenants’ Business Success Niken Parwati and Astri Wibowo
11 The Enhancement of Education and Industry Alignment Using Quality Function Deployment Udisubakti Ciptomulyono, Yudha Prasetyawan, Elisabet Bertania Cahyaningtias and Winahyu Tyas Wicaksan
12 Understanding Mental Model of Islamic Banking System Using System Dynamics Nur Atikah, Akhmad Hidayatno and Komarudin
13 The New Management System Iso 21001:2018: What and Why Educational Organizations Should Adopt IT Eric Wibisono
14 Towards A Wisdom Based Innovative Community: Action and Decision Making In DIKW Hierarchy in Indonesian Higher Education Institutions Case Study Ferdian Suprata and Stefani Prima Dias Kristiana
15 Strategic Planning of Food Diversification to Improve Food Security in West Java using Soft-System Methodology Iphov Kumala Sriwana
16 Competitiveness Model for Ecotourism: A Case Study In BBG Gadih Ranti, Linda Theresia, Silvia Mahardika and Ramon Bangu
17 Recommendation for Marketing Communication Program of X Natural Skin Care Clinic, Cikupa – Tangerang Sesilia Michelle and Marsellinus Bachtiar
18 The Development of Expert Management System for Handicraft Production Planning (Case Study: Embroidery at Bukittinggi) Nofierni and Iphov Kumala Sriwana
19 Business Model Feasibility Based on Customer Development Method: The Case Of Worm Reactor Product Wisnu Dewobroto and Kanzi Rachmandi
20 Structuring Disaster Resilience Attributes for Small And Medium Enterprises In Padang City – Indonesia Dicky Fatrias, Insannul Kamil and Ahmad Syafruddin Indrapriyatna
21 Bridging Hunger and Food Surpluses Through Food Bank (Case Study: Food Bank Neder-Veluwe, Wageningen) Gendis Ayu Satiti Irawan, Muchammad Gumilang Pramuwidyatama, Lous van Vloten-Doting
22 Multiple Life Cycles in The Circular Economy: Making it Happen with Enabling Technologies of IR 4.0 Dzuraidah Abd Wahab
23 The Relationship Between Labor Market Efficiency and Innovation Rohollah Ghasemi, Bahareh Mahbanooei and Reza Ghourchi Beigi
24 The Effect of Country of Origin and Need for Uniqueness on Female Customers Purchase Intention Luthfia Puspitasari and Gunawan Alif

OR – Operational Research 

No Title Author
1 Analysis daily newspaper distribution in Solo by Agent-Based Simulation Izatul Fitria Febriandini, Yuniaristanto, Wahyudi Sutopo and Muhammad Hisjam
2 Multi Responses Optimization for the Sugar Content and Microbial Impurities of Carrot Syrup O Isabella and Yurida Ekawati
3 Schedule Risk Analysis by Different Phases of Construction Project Using CPM-PERT and Monte-Carlo Simulation Andrie Pasca Hendradewa
4 The Optimization of Semi-Finished Garment Distribution of Forboys SME in Pandeglang Area Using Genetic Algorithm WN Tanjung, N Nurhasanah, CF Lutfia, B Aribowo, R Safitri, B Samiono, M Devana, P Kalifa, SW Fauzia and A Supriyanto
5 Utilizing project management software in project scheduling: a case study Suci Miranda and M Sugarindra
6 Planting System Modeling Of Chrysanthemum Seedling Plants Stock for Profit Optimization A Ilmaniati and D H Taufik
7 Integer Linear Programming Model and Algorithm to Integrate Heuristics Scheduling EDD, Inventory Control and Distribution Problems in a Modular Production System P Moengin, E F Harahap, S Adisuwiryo and W A Fransiska
8 Optimum Container Network Route in Papua Region Christine Natalia, Chendrasari Wahyu Oktavia and Gabriela Eirene
9 Genetic Algorithm for Waste Transportation Route in Eastern Bandung (Case Study: PD. Kebersihan Kota Bandung) Y Yogaswara and L S M D Saputra
10 Improvement Route for Distribution Solutions MDVRP (Multi Depot Vehicle Routing Problem) using Genetic Algorithm R Fitriana, P Moengin and U Kusumaningrum
11 Domino algorithm: a novel constructive heuristics for traveling salesman problem Asrul Harun Ismail

Production and Maintenance System

No Title Author
1 A Comparison of Forecasting Building Material Inventory between Backpropagation Neural Network And Arima I A Soenandi and C Hayat
2 Design of Job Scheduling System and Software for Packaging Process with SPT, EDD, LPT, CDS and NEH algorithm at PT. ACP L Gozali, V Kurniawan and S R Nasution
3 Analysis of Double indian Ballbreaker Net Sorter Machine Based on Overall Equipment Effectiveness Method Cases in Tea Plantation Plants J Alhilman and A F Abdillah
4 Inventory Level Optimization of Raw Materials for Ready-Made Garment Industry XYZ Pty Ltd using Mamdani Method of Fuzzy Interference System

N Nurhasanah, SW Fauzia, B Aribowo, R Safitri, B Samiono, CF Lutfia, M Devana, P Kalifa and A Supriyanto

5 Advanced ERP Application for Marine Transportation Industry in the South Asia Pacific Country; a Case Study Lalu Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma, Jun-Der Leu and Fu-Shiang Tseng
6 Forecasting Methods and Implementation of DRP (Distribution Requirement Planning) Methods in Determining the Master Production Schedule Riana Magdalena and Theresia Suli
7 Applying value stream mapping tools and kanban system for waste identification and reduction (case study: a basic chemical company) Wilson Kosasih, I K Sriwana, E C Sari and C O Doaly
8 Waste assessment using lean manufacturing in rubber production Elita Amrina, Nilda Tri Putri and Dwara Mitha Anjani
9 Evaluating Storage Tank Cap 10000L Manufacturer by Using Lean Project Management T G Amran, D Saraswati and E F Harahap
10 The Effect of The Processing Time’s Variance to The Performance of Sequencing Rule Arum Sari and Y C Yulia
11 Maintenance management improvement based on reliability centered maintenance II in energy generating industries M L Singgih, Y Prasetyawan, Sutikno, D Hartanto, F R Kurniawan and W T Wicaksana
12 The applications of Cobb-Douglas Production Function in remanufacturing industry D Saraswati, D K Sari and D Hapsari
13 Redesign of office layout using activity relationship chart (ARC) at the “X” department administration office of a “Y” university Wahyukaton and Ghina Affifah
14 Line Balancing Application Analysis of Generator Manufacturing Process in DPG Inc. S. Alif and B. Aribowo
15 Integration of Lean Manufacturing and Group Technology Layout to increase production speed in the Manufacture of Furniture U Tarigan, U P P Tarigan and V Sukirman
16 Flowshop Scheduling with Drum-Buffer-Rope and CDS Algorithm to Minimize Lateness and Work in Process at PT. AKS A S Viady, P P Suryadhini and M Rendra
17 Line Balancing with Reduced Number of Operator: A Productivity Improvement A Hasta and Harwati
18 Design of Computer Aided Process Planning System for Holster Mold at PT. Carnegie Universal Industries Amal Witonohadi, Nanang Ali Sutisna and Martulan Suryanto Naibaho
19 Design and improvement layout of a production floor using automated layout design program (ALDEP) and CRAFT algorithm at CV. Aji Jaya Mandiri D Suhardini and S D Rahmawati
20 Job Scheduling for Hybrid Assembly Differentiation Flow Shop to Minimize Total Actual Flow Time considering Multi-Due-Dates R Maulidya, Suprayogi, R Wangsaputra and AH Halim
21 Implementation of Material Requirement Planning (MRP) on Raw Material Order Planning System for Garment Industry Nidaul Hasanati, Effrizka Permatasari, Nunung Nurhasanah and Syarif Hidayat
22 Simulation Model Development for Determination of Components Production Quantity and Lead Time Reduction in Mass Customisation of Single Production Stage M R A Purnomo and R C Shinta

Ergonomics and Product Design

No Title Author
1 Measuring Influence from Safety Climate to Safety Behavior in Bus Rapid Transit Drivers D M Safitri, A Mediana and W Septiani
2 Design of Dust Collector on Sorting Machine Vibro Mesh Type Using Design for Assembly (DFA) Approach with Boothroyd and Dewhurst Method in PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII Ciater C A Gulo, M Rahayu, S Martini and M I Kurniawan
3 Design of Wood Pellet Trolley using Finite Element Method (FEM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) Approach at PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII Ciater R R Putra, M Rahayu, S Martini and M I Kurniawan
4 Design of Wood Pellets Carrier using Ergonomic Function Deployment (EFD) Approach to Increase Productivity of Work: A Research at PTPN VIII Ciater

W R Pradani, M Rahayu, S Martini and M I Kurniawan

5 The Design of Material Transporter for Paper Sack in Packaging to Decrease The Risk of Muscoloskeletal Disorders using Ergonomic Function Deployment (EFD) Approach: A Research at PT. Perkebunan Nusantara VIII Ciater, West Java M I Kurniawan, M Rahayu and S Martini
6 Workplace Ergonomic Risk Assessment Toward Small-Scale Household Business Dessi Mufti, Aidil Ikhsan and Tri Marta Putri
7 Design of The Kansei Board Game to Motivate the Elementary School Student in Learning English Selna Shalawati and Hartomo Soewardi
8 Internet Addiction among Indonesia University Students: Musculoskeletal Symptoms, Physical and Psychosocial Behavior Problems G B Pratama and A Widyanti
9 An Initial Study into Indonesian Consumer Awareness of the Ergonomic Product G B Pratama, N Nurfitrisari and A Widyanti
10 The Survey on the Perception of Safety and Security Culture for Nuclear Workers Atyanti Dyah Prabaswari and Rini Dharmastiti
11 The Mental Workload Analysis of Staff in Study Program of Private Educational Organization Atyanti Dyah Prabaswari, Chancard Basumerda and Bagus Wahyu Utomo
12 Selection process of sustainable production indicators using eco-quality function deployment Pregiwati Pusporini and Iwan Vanany
13 Workload analysis of chemical analyst at Analytical Research Laboratory PT.UPA – Orang Tua Group N Y Hidayah, I Purwaningsih and K R Ririh
14 Design of Mechanical Roasting Machine using Ergonomic Approach to Increase Productivity of Small Medium Enterprise: A Research at Opak Craftsmen in Sumedang W Tripiawan, Husni Amani, R M El Hadi, B H Sagita and S Martini
15 Situation Awareness Analysis on Motorcycle Riders using Quantitative Analysis of Situational Awareness Hartomo Soewardi and Amalia Diah Ayu Kiranti
16 Analysis of Machine Maintenance Processes by using FMEA Method in the Sugar Industry Hartomo Soewardi and Siska Ari Wulandari
17 Designing technical specifications for goyor woven fabric as material for civil servant official uniforms using quality function deployment and conjoint analysis D Refinda, E Liquiddanu, I W Suletra, W Sutopo and M Budijanto
18 Empowering product development through creative culinary house design Y Prasetyawan, M Suef, H Supriyanto and I O K Wardani
19 Usability Testing of Laboratory Website using a Participatory Design Approach S Firdaus, A D Sari, M R Suryoputro and A U Khasanah
20 Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (Fuzzy FMEA) Implementation for Forklift Risk Management in Manufacturing Company PT.XYZ Muhammad Ragil Suryoputro, Khairizzahra, Amarria Dila Sari and Nawang Wahyu Widiatmaka
21 Design of Tofu Cutting Tools to Improve Repetitive Tasks Using OCRA Benedikta Anna Haulian Siboro, Vera Methalina Afma, Annisa Purbasari and Muhammad Qodri Kasim
22 Fatigue-related differences in human facial dimensions based on static images V Triyanti, Yassierli and H Iridiastadi
23 Ergonomic risk and work load analysis on material handling of PT. XYZ L Widodo, F J Daywin and M Nadya

Quality Engineering and Management

No Title Author
1 Mapping of noise levels made by drilling machines on project x using contour zone method B Cahyadi and G A Timang
2 Competency Measurement Instrument Design for Maintenance Staff of Electronic Expertise with SECI Method Agisni, R P Soesanto, A Kurniawati, N Ambarsari and L Andrawina
3 Taguchi Experimental Design to Optimize the Sugar Content of Candied Carrot Maria S I Notowidjaja, Yurida Ekawati and Sunday Noya
4 The Pattern Failure Analysis of Sulfuric Acid Production Process with the Association Rules Algorithm Apriori

W Septiani, I A Marie, D Sugiarto and L Hakim

5 Application of Taguchi Method for Optimization of Parameter in Improving Soybean Cracking Process on Dry Process of tempeh Production R A Anugraha, M Y Wiraditya, M Iqbal and N M Darmawan
6 Analyze of mitigation waste in reconditioning process of Iron Drum with Lean Six Sigma (Case study at PT Mulya Adhi Paramita) Ahmad, Lilyana, L Widodo, L Gozali and A Maryadi
7 Measurement and proposal of improving Marketing Process to improve the Quality of Aftersales Services with Fuzzy Quality Function Deployment and Data Mining Methods in OV Agency R Fitriana, W Kurniawan and M R Anwar
8 Design of Flat Shoes Quality Control System using PDCA (Case Study at PT DAT) D K Sari, D Hetharia, D Saraswati and R Marizka
9 Assistance Program for the Implementation of ISO 9001 2015: Case Study of Telkom Junior High School Y Rohayati and K Sari
10 Analysis of Increasing Quality of Surfactant Powder at Oversize Parameter Using PDCA and FMEA in PT BCCI R Prasetyani, A T Huda and D R Ningtyas
11 Quality and Reliability Engineering in Service Industry: A Proposed Alternative Improvement Framework M A Hadiyat, R D Wahyudi, Y Sari and E Herowati
12 Measuring Acceptance Level of Online Service for Business Permit in Surabaya using Technology Acceptance Model I M Ronyastra, Gunawan and E K Muhammad
13 Value Engineering Towards the Design of Bread Production Process Tools Ayu Bidiawati, Inna Kholidasari and Bintang Manggala Elani
14 Effects of cocoa clones and fermentation times on physical and chemical characteristics of cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao L.) A Assa, Rosniati and M R Yunus

Supply Chain Management

No Title Author
1 Cooperation between power plant in East Kalimantan by integrating renewable energy power plant Muslimin, Willy Tambunan and Wahyuda
2 Integrated Logistics and Transportation Routing in Rural Logistics System T S Sinaga and S N Bahagia
3 Development of vendor management and e-Procurement systems using android platform B Angrian and T R Sahroni
4 Calculation of Raw Material Costs for the Palm Oil Supply Chain Value Added Using Modified Hayami Method

Syarif Hidayat

5 Multi Echelon Distribution Model for Electric Market Deregulation Collaboration Strategy in East Kalimantan
Irwan Gani, Wahyuda, Budi Santosa and Muliati
6 Analysis of Supply Chain Network of FBS Production in Small and Medium Textile and Textile Product (TTP) Industry N Nurhasanah, M Devana, B Aribowo, R Safitri, B Samiono, CF Lutfia, P Kalifa, SW Fauzia and A Supriyanto
7 Supply Chain Risk Management on Wooden Toys Industries by using House of Risk (HOR) and Analytical Network Process (ANP) Method W N Tanjung, R S Khodijah, S Hidayat, E Ripmiatin, S A Atikah and S S Asti
8 Risk Mitigation for Agricultural Products Distribution in Agro-business Terminal Mantung, Kabupaten Malang T Oktiarso and A H K Nadira
9 The relation of Indonesia’s strategic industry principles and Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Performance Attribute Joko Sulistio and Afrizal Bayu Alfatih
10 A framework for the impact of lean six sigma on supply chain performance in manufacturing companies
Gihon Davilia Pardamean Gultom and Eric Wibisono
11 Supply Chain Management (SCM) – Is it Value Addition towards Academia? Prof. Dr. Md. Mamun Habib and Ikram Hasan