12th ISIEM 2020 – Batu Malang, Indonesia

/12th ISIEM 2020 – Batu Malang, Indonesia
12th ISIEM 2020 – Batu Malang, Indonesia 2022-07-27T17:45:55+07:00

12th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management,
Batu Malang – Indonesia.

The 12th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management (ISIEM) conducted and hosted jointly by Department of Industrial Engineering from 7 universities, and supported by Indonesian Association of Industrial Engineering Higher Education (BKSTI), Indonesian Industrial Engineering & Management Association (ISTMI), and Institution of Engineer Indonesia – Industrial Engineering Chapter (BKTI-PII). All participants are Al Azhar Indonesia University, Trisakti University, Atma Jaya Jakarta Catholic University, Esa Unggul University, Pasundan University, Tarumanagara University, and Pancasila University.

The main theme for this event is Industrial Intelligence System on Engineering, Information, and Management”. Under this theme, we explore sustainable innovation in industrial technology, information, and management concerning global issues. We also discuss approaches to collect, manage, and use any information efficiently and effectively, thus the results will be able to upgrade industrial competitiveness and value in facing the global challenges in the industrial environment.
Conference proceedings published by IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (ISSN: 1757-899X).

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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (ISSN: 1757-899X).

12th ISIEM Proceeding Cover
12th ISIEM Program Book

DS&AI-Decision Support System and Artificial Intelligence

No Title Author Paper details
1 Designing Bank Guarantee Website Tracking Model using UML Wawan Tripiawan, S Widiana and Yenny
2 What Is Effective Use of Big Data? The Consensual Definition of Effective Use Of Big Data Feliks Prasepta Sejahtera Surbakti
3 Selection Strategy Implementation of Cleaner Production Using ISM and AHP Method In Chemical Laboratory Of Services Industry Dino Rimantho and Dwi Ardinia
4 Web-Based Application of Reliability Availability Maintainability and Cost of Unreliability Method to Analyze Performance of the Machine Judi Alhilman, Muhammad Fadhil Habibie and Wawan Tripiawan
5 Using The Bees Algorithm To Solve Combinatorial Optimisation Problems From TSPLIB Asrul Ismail, Natalia Hartono, S Zeybek, D T Pham
6 Economic Feasibility Study Of Onshore Exploration Oil Field Development Using Gross Split Contract Muhammad Ariyon, Aldo Setiawan and Refiandi Reza
7 Development Of Electronic-Based Investigation Management (EMP) Of POLRI Dadan Umar Daihani and Sony Sonjaya
8 Optimization Of Interest Income By Determining Interest Rate Of Revolving Credit Line Resti Afiadinie and Moses L Singgih
9 Design of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Tools for IT Project Selection: A Case From Software House Rayinda Pramuditya Soesanto and Wawan Tripiawan
10 Determinants of Donation Behaviour on Flood Disasters in Indonesia Dutho Suh Utomo, Naraphorn Paoprasert and Ramidayu Yousuk
11 Safety Stock Analysis of Ship Fuel In Shipping Company Nuzul Fatma Septiana and Iwan Sukarno
12 Development Of Waiting Time Predictor Based Artificial Neural Network Varis Limlawan and Pornthep Anussornnitisarn
13 Perception in Adoption of The Internet Application for Small Medium Enterprise Marketing In South Tangerang City in Indonesia Nidaul Hasanati and Evy Nurmiati
14 Quality Improvement For Product Body 2-1 At Pt X Johnson Saragih, Rina Fitriana and Tri Andryan
15 Environmental Management System (EMS) Within Construction Site: A Case Study In Kelantan State, Malaysia Abdelnaser Omran and Yahya Saad Hamad Saleh

PS-Production & Maintenance System

No Title Author Paper details
1 Lean Service Applications Using FMEA And VSM Approaches (Case Study: Public Healthcare Unit In Jakarta) Lithrone Laricha Salomon, Wilson Kosasih and Carla O Doaly
2 Prototype Design of Plastic Waste Processing Equipment Niken Parwati, Nurdina, A.T. Purwandari, and W.N. Tanjung
3 Life Cycle Cost Analysis In Construction Of Green Building Concept, A Case Study Melviani Karolin Kamaralo, Judi Alhilman and Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji
4 Forecasting For Steel Production Using Artificial Neural Networks And Feasibility Analysis Of Plant Regeneration Acid Development In PT. XYZ Agung Sasongko, Iveline Anne Marie and Fakhrul Arifin
5 The Application Of Soft System Methodology To Design The Conceptual Model For Intelligent Supply Chain Model Of Natural Fibre Agroindustry Nunung Nurhasanah, Machfud, Djumali Mangunwidjaja and Muhamamd Romli
6 Design of facility location for a new model of medical pharmaceutical refrigerator production area on PT. XYZ Rini Prasetyani, Siti Fatimah Aulia, Gita Timang
7 Production quality improvement of Yamalube Bottle with Six Sigma, FMEA, and Data Mining in PT. B Rina Fitriana, Johnson Saragih and Dea Larasati
8 Planning The New Factory Layout Of PT Hartekprima Listrindo Using Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) Method Lina Gozali, Lamto Widodo, Siti Rohana Nasution and Nicholson Lim
9 Improving Productivity And Quality Of Medium Voltage Cable Production Aditya Tirta Pratama, Triarti Saraswati, Farhan Prianggara and Theodora Savitri
10 Determining Optimum Eco Paving Block Compositions By Using Factorial Design Method Aprilia Tri Purwandari, A Ratnamirah, N Parwati, and W N Tanjung
11 Optimizing Production Layout And Capacity Via Flexsim- A Case Study Of Y Factory Tai-Jung Chen, Yu-Ching Lee, Chin-Hsin Chiang Lee and Chin-Hsin Chiang
12 Integration Of Conjoint Analysis And QFD For New Product Development In Manufacturing Small And Medium Enterprises (Case Study: A Food Company) Wilson Kosasih, Lithrone Laricha Salomon and Alfred Darius Halim
13 Evaluation Of Effectiveness And Cost Of Machine Losses Using Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) And Overall Equipment Cost Loss (OECL) Methods, A Case Study On Toshiba CNC Machine Sarastya Dewi, Judi Alhilman and Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji
14 Warehouse Layout Designing of Cable Manufacturing Company using Dedicated Storage and Simulation Promodel W Septiani, G A Divia and S Adisuwiryo

ER&PD-Ergonomics & Product Design

No Title Author Paper details
1 Measurement Of Physiological And Psychological Workloads Of Mechanical Department Operator PT. XYZ Bambang Cahyadi, Amanda Maryanti and Gita Timang
2 Book Trolley Design For Telkom University Library Using User Centered Design (UCD) Method Mira Rahayu, Frans Ariantono Silalahi and Erna Febrianti
3 Optimisation of Mechanical Cassava Peeling System Parameters Ibrahim Mohammed Gana, A A Shhu and A Gbabo
4 The Effects of Sleep Quality on Vigilance and Driving Performance in a Train Simulator Daniel Siswanto, Hardianto Iridiastadi and Khoirul Muslim
5 The NPD Process Design Canvas: Tool for NPD Process Creation Muhammad Iqbal and Amalia Suzianti
6 Development of Low-Cost Multi-Input Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS) for Educational Purposes Yansen Theopilus, Sugih Sudharma Tjandra and Billy Sagara
7 Workplace Design Process at Indonesian Manufacturing SMEs Dene Herwanto and Amalia Suzianti
8 Design and Analysis of Electrical Ergonomic Bionic Grip Wrench A A Ramadhan, F A Putra, H Wirawan and Taufik Roni Sahroni
9 Influence Of Moisture Dependent Physical Properties Of Fluted Pumpkin Vital To Development It’s Processing Equipments Shiru Jonathan Jocob and Ibrahim Mohammed Gana
10 Designing A Reading Chair Using Kansei Engineering Approach Mira Rahayu, Hilman Ardian Ekananda and Ilma Mufidah
11 Ergonomic Intervention To Improve The Productivity Of Brick Press Tools In Small And Medium Enterprise Akheng Kobar Lamto Widodo, Silvi Ariyanti and Andreas Jason
12 Workload and Fatigue Assessment on Air Traffic Controller Vivi Triyanti, Hastian Abdul Azis, Hardianto Iridiastadi and Yassierli
13 Implementation Cognitive Ergonomic on Measurement Mental Workload (Case study : Marketing Employee of Insurance Company) Nofi Erni and Krisna Karamiko Alexander
14 Design of Mobile and Integrated Tire Repair Tools for Motorcycle T Eben Haezar, W Samdan, A Yudha and Taufik Roni Sahroni
15 Determination of Standard Time and Output Production of Spring Frame Mattress Components Using Work Sampling Method Taufiqur Rachman, Iphov Kumala Sriwana and Stefanny Liyanawati Zalukhu

IS-Industrial System

No Title Author Paper details
1 Clustering On Small-Scale Food Manufacturing Industry In West Jakarta: A Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process Approach Sulistiandi, Budi Marpaung and Oki Sunardi
2 Implementation Of Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network For Early Detection Of Vitamin And Mineral Deficiency Nina Sevani, Iwan Aang Soenandi and Fajar Saputra.
3 Designing Information System For Student Practicum Assessment In The Laboratory Arif Nurrahman, Novan Pizary Husein and Otong Rukmana
4 Study On Crisis Management In The Libyan Construction Industry Abdelnaser Omran, Targ Ali Omar Ibrahim and Mohamed Saad Hamad Saleh
5 Performance Measurement Using Balance Score Card And Analytic Network Process In Elastomer Switch Keypad Manufacturers Indonesia Carla Olyvia Doaly, Lithrone Laricha Salomon and Kholid Jabal Arta A
6 Inventory And Order System Development At PT.X Steffi Ratanadewi and Marsellinus Bachtiar Wahju
7 Reducing Waste In Manufacturing Industry Using A Cost Integrated Value Stream Mapping Approach Wilson Kosasih, Carla Olyvia Doaly and Sabhara
8 Analysis Of Socio-Technical Approach And Socio User Experience Network Analysis (SNA) To Address Objections Ergonomic Loom In The Village Of Lumban Suhi-Suhi Listiani Nurul Huda adn A F Giffari
9 Blueprint Of Perceived Convenience Indicators Towards The Quality Of Infrastructure Of Banking Company M. Arif Wicaksono, Muharman Lubis, Warih Puspitasari and Fritasya Dwiputri S
10 Relationship Between Safety Management System, Safety Climate And Safety Performance In The Libyan Construction Sites Anas Mussa Abdulhafid Alsrah, Diara Md Jadi and Abdelnaser Omran
11 The Challenges Of System Usability Scale (SUS) For Testing The Interface Of Android Mobile Application Of Hiking M. Yuzar Haspani, Tien F. Kusumasari, Muharman Lubis and Chandra Wardana
12 Evaluating The Importance Of Environmental Education Practice In The Libyan Schools In Al-Bayda City, Libya Abdelsalam O. Gebril and Abdelnaser Omran
13 A System Performance Analysis Of Ship To Shore Operation Considering Crane Availabilities Using Simulation Approach Bayu Dwi Aqsha, Nurhadi Siswanto, Suparno and Mahya Indra Tama
14 Assessment Of Safety Culture Maturity Level In Production Area Of A Steel Manufacturer Adithya Sudiarno and Adiek Sudarni
15 Stress And Cross Browsing Testing For Educational Start Up Website Application M. Breda Taftayani, Muharman Lubis, Soni F. Surya Gumilang and Chandra Wardana
16 ITSM Analysis Using ITIL V3 In Service Operation In PT. Inovasi Tjaraka Buana Muharman Lubis, Rizky Cherthio Annisyah and Lyvia Winiyanti L
17 Discrete Event Simulation Modeling For Classifying The Container Yard Availability Considering Dock Unloading Activity Mahya Indra Tama, Nurhadi Siswanto, Suparno and B D Aqsha
18 Lean Startup Approach On Product Design And Manufacture Facility Planning In Uncertain Business Climate Wisnu Dewobroto and Iveline Anne Marie
19 Solar Panel-Based Wireless Battery Charging System Using Fuzzy Control Method Alfarid Hendro Yuwono, Muhammad Rivai and Tri Arief Sardjono
20 Risk Impact Analysis Using House of Risk Method and
Probability Impact Matrix in Double-Double Track (DDT)Project PT. Hutama Karya
K.R. Ririh, S.W. Wibowo1, N.Y. Hidayah, and D.R. Ningtyas
21 Factors influencing customers’ satisfaction: A case study of SMEs from Pakistan A Khattak, T Shaheen, M Hamza, I K Sriwana, M Shafiq1, N T X Hoa, and S A Kamal

SCM-Supply Chain Management

No Title Author Paper details
1 Assessing Supply Chain Practices And How They Are Perceived To Impact Performance Of Firms In Sierra Leone: A Case Study In A Telecommunication Company Hassan Andrew Fornah and I Nyoman Pujawan
2 Investigating The Impact Of Supply Chain Management On The Performance Of Manufacturing Industries In Sierra Leone: Case Study Of Sierra Leone Bottling Company (SLBC) Alimamy Kamara and I Nyoman Pujawan
3 Raw Materials Inventory Planning In Automotive Industries By EOQ Method Consider With The Contract Agreement Teguh Sri Ngadono and Zulfa Fitri Ikatrinasari
4 Analyzing The Cause Of Idle Time In Loading And Unloading Operation At Indonesian International Port Container Terminal: Port Of Tanjung Priok Case Study Ferdian Suprata, Christine Natalia and Andre Sugioko
5 Three-Level Supply Chain Considering Direct And Indirect Transportation Cost And Carbon Emissions Ardvin Kester S. Ong, Rex Aurelius C. Robielos, Yung-Tsan Jou and Hui-Ming Wee Wee
6 A Conceptual Framework For Servitisation Of The Manufacturing Companies To Deliver Product–Service Systems Solutions: A Study Case Of The Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Dian Ratna Sari Dewi, Siddhi Pittayachawan and Elizabeth Tait
7 Mitigation Of Supply Chain Risk Using HOR Model at PT. Sumber Karya Indah Ahmad, Wilson Kosasih, Helena Kristina, Lamto Widodo, and Christin Pasaribu
8 EPR Approach For Better Waste Management System For Mobile Phone Design In Indonesia Aloysius Junianto and Dewinta Sugandha
9 Vehicle Routing Problem With Heterogeneous Fleet, Split Delivery, Multiple Product, Multiple Trip, And Time Windows: A Case Study In Fuel Distribution Satrio Mulyo Nugroho, Laila Nafisah, M Shodiq Abdul Khannan, Hasan Mastrisiswadi and M Nasir Ramdhani
10 Scheduling And Allocation Of Airport Service Manpower By Considering Time And Work Constraints Using M-MAPTWTC Method: A Case Study Parwadi Moengin and Fakhri Darussalam
11 Analysis Of Comparison Of Onion Production Efficiency (Allium Ascalonicum) Tajuk Variety In Rejoso Sub-District – Nganjuk Dewi Rekno Ulansari and I Nyoman Pujawan
12 User Interface Design In Supply Chain Risk Assessment Of Excel-Based Wooden Toy Industry Using WFMECA Method Mia Mutiasari, Widya N. Tanjung, Niken Parwati, Aprilia Tri Purwandari, and Us Watun Islamiah
13 Information System Design In Supply Chain Risk Evaluation Of Excel Based Wooden Toy Industry Using Fuzzy House Of Risk (F-HOR) Us Watun Islamiah, Widya N. Tanjung, Niken Parwati, Aprilia Tri Purwandari, and Mia Mutiasari
14 Risk Mitigation Strategies On Supply Chain PT. X Stefani Prima Dias, Chendrasari Wahyu Oktavia, Riana Magdalena, M A Lilajati
15 Integrated ISM-ANP Method For Supplier Selection Criteria Analysis: A Case Study Of Construction Company Christine Natalia, Chendrasari Wahyu Oktavia and Trifenaus Prabu Hidayat
16 Determination Of Multi-Product Distribution Using Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) And Product Cubication Dimensions Restriction Yogi Yogaswara and Neng Resi Andriyani
17 Warehouse Improvement Evaluation using Lean Warehousing Approach and Linear Programming Y. Prasetyawan and N. G. Ibrahim
18 Investigating Supply Chain Issues In The Food Processing Industry Shahzada Zaman Khan, M Azhar Ashfaq, M Usman Awan, Hakeem Rehman, Ayesha Kamal, N T X Hoa and Muhammad Shafiq

QM-Quality Engineering & Management

No Title Author Paper details
1 The Use Of FMEA For The Quality Control Analysis Of Greige Fabrics (Case Study In The Weaving Department Of PT. Unitex, Tbk) Prima Fithri, Dede Jovie Andra, Eri Wirdianto, and Taufik
2 Quality Satisfaction Of Academic Service Industrial Engineering In Private Higher Education KOPERTIS VII Surabaya Area Akhmad Wasiur Rizqi and Moh Jufriyanto
3 Services Marketing Mix Services Satisfaction Hotel In Luwuk Chaerul Fahmi Yusuf and Nur Mawati Mambuhu
4 Comprehensive Framework Of Customer Loyalty In Fixed Broadband Industry Indah Hayati and Luciana Andrawina
5 Productivity Analysis Stevedore, A Descriptive Analysis Method With Integration, Importance Performance Analysis, Quality Function Deployment (Study Case: PT. Port Indonesia III (Persero) Branch Gresik Erwin Widodo, Heri Suprayitno, Suparno and Umaiyah
6 Preparation For The Implementation Of ISO 21001-2018 Using Assistance Program: Case Study Of Telkom Vocational High School Yati Rohayati and Rizka Hasna Delvika
7 Designing Templates To Support And Monitoring The Activities Of Material Requipment Planning (MRP) Rahmi Ambarita Saragih, Franka Hendra Sukma, Kartiko Eko Putranto and Supriyono
8 The Design And Implementation Of A Performance Measurement System To Pursue School Excellence: The Integration Of Indonesian National Accreditation Standard Into Baldrige Education Criteria Yenny Sari, Muhammad Rosiawan and Arbi Hadiyat
9 Quality Improvement On Common Rail Type-1 Product Using Six Sigma Method And Data Mining On Forging Line In PT. ABC Rina Fitriana, Johnson Saragih and Salma Defina Fauziyah
10 Integration Of Balanced Scorecard And Game Theory For Business Entity’s Performance Measurement. Erwin Widodo, Umaiyah and Bambang Syairudin
11 Managing Internal Bullwhip Effect To Plan Product Distribution In A Garment Factory Syarif Hidayat, Syita Fauzia and Nunung Nurhasanah
12 Quality Control Analysis Of Tube Sandwich Using Six Sigma Method In Indonesian Cement Company Anggina Sandy Sundari, Eka Putri Setyawati and Dino Rimantho
13 Preventive Maintenance Scheduling For Sifter Machine In Flour Mills Wahyukaton
14 The Proposed OEE-SIGMA Prediction for Increased Profits Y Prasetyawan, F Giffari and B S A Putera