6th ISIEM 2013 – Batam, Indonesia

/6th ISIEM 2013 – Batam, Indonesia
6th ISIEM 2013 – Batam, Indonesia 2022-07-27T18:08:27+07:00

6th International Seminars on Industrial Engineering and Management (6th ISIEM)

The purpose of this seminar is to provide an effective forum for distinguished invited speakers, academicians, engineers, professionals and practitioners coming from universities, research institutions, government agencies and industries to share or exchange their ideas, experience and recent progress in industrial engineering and management and other related fields in dealing with the dynamics and challenges of the 21st century. The seminar is also expected to foster networking, collaboration and joint efforts among the conference participants to advance the theory and practice as well as to identify major trends in Industrial Engineering and Management field.

The main theme of this year seminar is “Sustainable innovation on enhancing industrial management, technology, and information”. Under this theme, we explore innovation in industrial technology, information, and management concerning worldwide economic challenge. We also discuss approaches to collect, manage, and use any information efficiently and effectively, thus the results will be able to upgrade industrial competitiveness and value in facing the global challenges in industrial environment.

Keynote Speaker:

  1. Predeep Nair, Plant General Manager Schneider Electric Manufacturing Batam . “Make the Most of Your Energy”.
  2. Prof. Dr. Rosnah Mohd. Yusuff , Universiti Putra Malaysia . “Innovations in Manufacturing for Sustainable Growth”.
  3. Prof Frits Blessing , Rotterdam University / Rotterdam Business School. “I have to change to stay the same”.

The Participants

6th ISIEM Proceeding Cover

QM – Quality Engineering & Management

No Title Author
1 Design Of Water Quality Model To Support The Indonesian Healthy Project Ratih Setyaningrum, Dwi Eko Waluyo

2 Analysis Service of Satisfaction of Intercity Bus With IPA and CSI Method Dyah Rachmawati L, Trismi Ristowati, Mohammad Khoeruddin

3 Quality Analysis Using Fmea Method On Assembly Processes Of Washing Machine (Case Study In Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia) Rifa Arifati, Ardika Rismayana

4 Pre Travelling Service Quality Analysis at Rail Station Commuter Jakarta-Bogor Pudji Astuti. Winnie Septiani, Amal Witonohadi

5 Integrating Kansei Engineering And Customer Relationship Management To Improve Service Quality: A Case Study At Shopping Mall In Surabaya Markus Hartono, Rosita Meitha, Grandy Ongkowijoyo

6 The Impact Of Perceived Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty: Case Study at Supermarket in Surabaya Rosita Meitha Surjani, M.Arbi Hadiyat, Vanessa Gautama

7 Quantitative Approach to Measure Process Connectivity in Balanced Scorecard Model Vivi Triyanti

8 Path Analysis To Assess Interaction Among Tracer Study Factors Vivi Triyanti

9 Consumer Preferences and Quality Perception of Imported and Domestic Apple in Surabaya I Gede Agus Widyadana, Tanti Octavia, Herry Christian Palit, Dick Felix Wibowo

SCM – Supply Chain Management

No Title Author
1 Knowledge Management System Model in DKI Jakarta Rice Supply Chain Dadang Surjasa, Dedy Sugiarto, Binti Solihah, Nirdukita Ratnawati
2 A Design Experiment To Evaluate The Effect Of Demand Pattern Into The Lot Sizing Performance Arum Sari, Ulista Ferian
3 Supply Chain Management Performance Measurements in Oil Company Tiena Gustina Amran
4 Applying Netlogo Simulation Model To Balance The Upstream Palm Oil Supply Chain Syarif Hidayat, Mas’ud Ridwan
5 Hybrid Model For Supplier Selection, Procurement, And Production Catur Kurniawan, Nur Hildawati
6 The Design Of Multi Role Web Based Supply Chain Simulation Game For Learning Armand Omar Moeis, Rama Raditya, Akhmad Hidayatno
7 Performance Analysis Of Green Supply Chain Management In Pt Tirta Investama Subang Agus Purnomo
8 Model For Supply Chain Network Design with Profit Balancing Consideration Harwati, Muhammad Ridwan Andi Purnomo
9 The Influence of Supply Chain Management to Product Quality at PT XYZ in Jakarta Andi Wijaya, Richard Andrew
10 Production Planning Control to Minimize Production Cost Nunung Nurhasanah, Riyana Susanti
11 Measurement Supply Chain Performance Using Metric of SCOR Model (Case
Study : Automotive Component Manufacturing)
Nofi Erni
12 Designing Green Supply Chain Management In Cocoa Agroindustry : Problem
Identification And Profiling
Iphov Kumala Sriwana, Yandra Arkeman, Dahrul Syah, Marimin
13 Spare Parts Distribution Route Planning with Saving Matrix Method at PT.XYZ Iphov Kumala Sriwana, Sylvia Madusari, Nurulita Aulia Sari

OR – Operation Research

No Title Author
1 Crashing Project Schedule Network with Methods Selection Ismail H. Asrul

ER – Ergonomics

No Title Author
1 The Analysis of The Effect on Physical Environment Factor for Noise and Luminous to Accuracy Score on Reading and Colors Matching Wahyukaton
2 Optimum Design of 1 -DOF Anthropomorphic Thumb Considering Grasping Motion for Indonesian Low-Cost Prosthetic Hand Tyo Prasetyo, Susy Susmartini, Ilham Priadythama
3 The Cutting Ampoule Design Inovation to Develop Safety and Helath Patient Yuwono B Pratiknyo, Anita Purnamayanti
4 Design Measurement for Manufacturing Ergonomic Value of an Automotive Part Using The Total Ergonomic Approach Model Tiena G. Amran, Nataya Charoonsri Rizani, Herawan Setio
5 Train Derailments In Indonesia – A Study Using Human Factors Analysis and Classification System Citra Wanurmarahayu, Hardianto Iridiastadi
6 Designing Workbench on The Sawmill Station to Reduce Physical Load at Surya Mas Factory Lamto Widodo, Andres, Fransisca Lipin

DSS – Decision Support System and Artificial Intelligence

No Title Author
1 Database Management System Application (Case Study: Twisbless) Raymond Bahana, Hans Kristian
2 A Design Of Learning Management System Using Adaptive Recommendation Method Jinsuk Yang, Kyoungsu Oh, Sangjun Lee
3 Customer Relationship Management Information System Development In PT. Citra Van Titipan Kilat Fransiskus Adikara, Ricky Fauzi
4 Occlusion Detection Of Virtual Target For Augmented Reality Gyeyoung Kim , Changjin Suh, Sangjun Lee, Soowon Lee
5 The Emergence of User Requirement Risk In Information System Development for Industry Needs Fransiskus Adikara, Benhard Sitohang, Bayu Hendradjaya
6 A Progress in Business Intelligence Implementation in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management) And Quality Management Rina Fitriana, Marimin, Taufik Djatna
7 Evaluation of The VRP Completion with Developing Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logic Controller Model Yogi Yogaswara
8 Proposed Of Decision Policy Model Development For City Logistics Stakeholders Yogi Yogaswara, B. Kombaitan, Idwan Santoso

IM – Industrial Management

No Title Author
1 Customization of Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning System Muhammad Ridwan Andi Purnomo, Luthfina Ariyani
2 The Technology Implementation in Academic Processing to Achieve Effectiveness and Efficiency Of Information (A sharing from The Private University in Bandung) Elizabeth Tiur M.
3 Description and Review Existing Knowldege Management Framework, System, Technology and Architecture Riya Widayanti
4 Implementation of Evaluation Model and Supplier Performance Scorecard in Selecting Supplier Johan Oscar Ong, Merry Erliani
5 The Marketing Mix Strategy Based On Consumer Behavior Analysis at Taxi Max Cipaganti In Surabaya Esti Dwi Rinawiyanti, Rosita Meitha, Ira Mayasari
6 Catastrophe Model for Analyzing Behaviour of Development Policies In Indonesia Dadan Umar Daihani
7 Understanding Accounting Franchise, Guidance by Franchisor and Going Concern of Franchise Company in Bandung Liza Laila Nurwulan, R. Mochammad Noch, Elsaf Kurniawan
8 Five V’s in Customer’s Perspective Richard Andrew, Andi Wijaya
9 Services Improvement with Triz and TOPSIS Method Feliks Prasepta S.Surbakti, Lenard
10 Defining The Collaborative Key Performance Indicators in Performance Management Marsellinus Bachtiar
11 Designing Map Strategy Performance Measurement Functional Units Organization Method Based on The Balanced Scorecard (Case Study XYZ University) Ahmad Chirzun, Mohamad Sulkhan

PS – Production System

No Title Author
1 Optimization of A Shock Absorber Assembly Line Using Simulation Iwan A. Soenandi
2 Design of Lean Production System Using Integrated Value Stream Mapping Approach Yadrifil, Irvanu Rahman, Faisal Akbar
3 Identification Performance And Machine Failure of Manufacturing System Based On OEE And FMEA Methods (Case Study On PT. APF) Jazuli, Angga Laksitama, Adelia Dini Meinarwati
4 Automated Multi-View Visual Inspection and Grading System For Shrimp Yudha Prasetyawan, Putu Dana Karningsih, Lucky Sabrina Adluna
5 Maintenance Task Design And Spare Part Inventory Policy For An Evaporation Sub System Yudha Prasetyawan, Weny Yuliana Sari
6 Analysis of Factors Affecting Throughput Rate in Flexible Manufacturing System with Automated Guided Vehicle System Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel, Romadhani Ardi, Lusyane Eko Tantri
7 Insertion Heuristic for The Single Row Layout Problem in Flexible Manufacturing Systems Tjutju Tarliah Dimyati
8 Optimization Of MIDI Synthesizer On The Illustration Of Movie Music Pandan Pareanom Purwacandra, Ferry Wahyu Wibowo
9 Implementation Theory of Constraint on CFM56-3 Aircraft Engine Maintenance Untung Mahargo B. P., Hardianto Iridiastadi, E. Nina S. Y., Zulfa F. I
10 The Implementation Of Lean Six Sigma Method in Production Process of Underwear Rider R333B at PT. XYZ Johnson Saragih, Rahmi Maulidya, Diana Jane Halim
11 The Effect Of Demand Behavior Of Automotive Glass Manufacturer On Cost of Good Sold And Logistics Performance Through System Dynamics Approach M. Nurman Helmi
12 The Proposed Layout Design Using Factory Systematic Layout Planning Method at PT. Jasa Laksa Utama Lina Gozali, Silvi Ariyanti, Leowendo Putrajaya
13 Remodelling The Maintenance Performance Management System Rivan Syamsurijal Biya, Triwulandari S. Dewayana, Nora Azmi
14 Analysis of Outer Tube Casting Product Reject Using Computer Aided Engineering Ahmad Juang Pratama
15 Solving Assembly Line Balancing Problem Using Genetic Algorithm Technique with Partitioned Chromosome Nora Azmi, Iman Yahya Azzubaidi, Sumiharni Batubara
16 Production Scheduling Optimisation Using Genetic Algorithm in PT. Progress Diecast Lily Amelia, Aprianto
17 Applying Theory of Constraint and Bottleneck Scheduling Approach to Solve Production Capacity Problem Sumiharni Batubara, Rahmi Maulidya, Mega Rahma Pertiwi
18 Improvement Of Kanban System Based On Theory of Constraint Rahmi Maulidya, Iveline Anne Marie, Kevin